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Business Consultation & Valuation

Simple Process, Thorough Assessment

Carrot Seed also helps business owners who are retiring to think about how they want to live in the future so that they can project what their future expenses will be. Other business owners may be transitioning into a new business role as a result of the business transaction and may need guidance around the financial implications of the new role. This future-facing portion of the assessment process is often very helpful to clients because it brings into perspective how the transition will affect the business owner’s professional and personal everyday life.

Business Consultation

Businesses going through a transition often need deeper financial insights to make informed and prudent decisions about their business’s future. Carrot Seed brings over 30 years of financial experience and insights to small and mid-sized business owners who are looking to restructure their business for growth into the future.

Other businesses need to pivot how they operate their business and make those changes intelligently, so the business is sustainable. We’ll do a full assessment of your current financial situation, provide reliable advice and a path for moving forward.

While some businesses are positioning for growth, other business owners realize that the best decision to make is liquidating the business or sell it to an interested party. Whether liquidating or selling a business, numerous financial details need to be considered and worked through to exit business ownership. Carrot Seed helps business owners smoothly transition through the process so they can move to the next chapter of their life.

Business Valuation

Establishing the true market value of a business is a vital component of successfully selling, buying or expanding any business. Pete Ventre specializes in establishing accurate business valuations for clients who seek to transition smoothly into retirement or who want to expand or purchase an existing business.

Preparing for the Future

Carrot Seed Principal Pete Ventre has created a simplified business valuation process that provides highly accurate results. Pete works together with his clients to thoroughly examine the service areas, cash flow, investment considerations, growth, customer base and organizational structure of the business at hand. As part of the assessment, Pete gives business owner clients a better understanding of their industry, supply chain and own motivations for initiating a change.

Pete also helps resolve any road blocks that may present during the information gathering and assessment period and offers valuable counsel along the way. After the information gathering is complete, Pete can establish a realistic value for a business and provide clients with documentation of the valuation that meets financial documentation requirements for the transaction.

Accurate Valuation

What sets Carrot Seed apart is the valuable experience that Principal Pete Ventre can draw upon as he examines the finances, operations and industry trends for the business or venture under consideration. Pete has previously held senior financial management positions at two Fortune 500 financial services companies and has also worked with venture capital firms and large health care organizations. Pete has participated in a number of strategic acquisitions and understands the complex organizational structures and systems of finance and accounting. As a result of his years of experience, Pete has been able to streamline the business valuation process, making it a cost-effective and highly valuable service for the small to mid-sized business market.

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