Business Negotiations & Deal Making

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Business Negotiations & Deal Making

Pete Ventre understands business deal making and how important it is to execute a major financial transaction smoothly. He understands how to keep a business transaction on track and can be an aggressive advocate for you at the negotiation table when you are negotiating the details of a major business transaction. .

Pete has seen how major business deals can sometimes fall apart because of the emotions associated with a business transaction. For those who are selling or buying a business, making a business deal final may be the most anxiety-inducing part the entire process, particularly when the success of the transaction will affect an impending retirement or other major life transition. With this in mind, Pete works with business owners to first assess their personal and financial priorities thoroughly and accurately and then helps them to make the best decisions possible based on that information.

Seasoned Negotiator

When sitting down at the negotiation table with Pete at your side, you’ll gain the experience of an effective negotiator who has held senior financial management positions with two Fortune 500 financial services companies and who has participated in several major strategic acquisitions. Pete understands how financial and organizational structures are created and will manage all financial aspects of the sale/purchase, including negotiating the final price on your behalf.

Experienced Deal Maker

Business owner clients choose to have Pete at their side when they make major financial decisions because they understand the value his guidance and expertise can bring to large business transactions. Having Pete at their side of the negotiation table can mean the difference between getting some of what they want and getting most of what they want — out of retirement, expanding their business or transitioning to a new phase of life and work.

Pete will negotiate aggressively on your behalf throughout the financial transaction, from the first offer through to the closing. Pete ensures that he and his clients have considered and discussed every aspect of the deal so that when the actual negotiations occur, the decisions that are made are thoughtful and are made with purpose.

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